Our Vision


Our vision is that all incarcerated women in Spartanburg County through faith based development will realize their value and purpose to become independent, positive assets to our community so that they will not return to incarceration.


Our Program


Nannie Jefferies, Executive Director of Angels Charge Ministry and Pastor at Maranatha Free Church of Jesus Christ started this program in January 2014 after seeing many of the same women return to jail because they had to go back to live in the same environment they came from. Angels Charge provides the crucial step of transitional housing for 12-18 months in order to help women change their patterns.

While living in our housing, women receive:

  • Assistance with finding & using community resources & healthcare

  • Help enrolling in GED programs and Adult Education

  • Counseling for domestic violence, addiction, and mental health issues

  •  Job skill development

  • Help finding jobs and transportation

  • Personal Case Management

Our Philosophy

We believe that women have the potential and right to live satisfying, productive lives. Women who have been incarcerated are often defined solely by their criminal histories. We believe that women who have made poor choices should not forever be limited by their mistakes. 

Our Housing


We currently have three residential homes and can house a total of 14 women at a time. Based on the needs of our community we would like to add at least four more homes. If you can help us by donating a home, or financing a home, please contact Nannie Jefferies at nanniejefferies@yahoo.com.


Our Current Needs


  • Counselors for Therapy

  • Employment partners for jobs

  • Volunteers to help with transportation

  • Mentors/Tutors to help study for GED

  • Assistance with Life Skills - budgeting, banking, meal preparation, parenting, etc.

  • Financial Donations




Donations to Angels Charge Ministry are tax-exempt through our 501(c)3 nonprofit status. Donations can be mailed to the address under our contact information and a tax letter will be provided. You can also donate by credit card through our DONATE Button. 


Thank You To Our Partners


Adult Education, The Forrester Center for Behavioral Health, SC Vocational Rehabilitation, SC Works, Spartanburg Area Mental Health, Emerge Family Therapy, Butterfly Foundation, AccessHealth,

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